Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tadpole for the FlyGirls!

This is Tadpole Marie Noah.  :)  She's working on Basic Obedience right now, but we're doing well enough to maybe fly on a plane as an Emotional Support Animal.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


What does it mean to me, this ANTI-PROCRASTINATION DAY?  What is it, anyway?  Who's FlyLady and why is she bossing me around?  Valid questions.

FlyLady, first off, is Marla Cilley and she helps hundreds of thousands of people get their homes together and helps us individually to Finally Love Yourself or F.L.Y.  You can check out the details here: FlyLady's Website

She bosses me around, gently, lovingly, and with a great sense of humor, because she is teaching me to keep house and keep my mind clear and uncluttered too.  Leaving room in my home and my brain for my creative projects and my important work.

So, what is ANTI-PROCRASTINATION DAY?  Well, simply put, its WEDNESDAY!  So for me and other observant Eastern Orthodox Flybabies (yes, we are called Flybabies, laugh all you want!) we have 2 important things we try to observe:  Fasting from meats, dairy, and seafood with a backbone (I think that's what we avoid on Wednesdays and Fridays. . .) and Anti-Procrastination Day.

Anti-Procrastination Day has brought you the much delayed Orthodox Adventures of Godzilla, the beginnings of which are episodically experienced right on this blog as "Godzilla and Repentance:  (EPISODE NAME)"!  It has brought me to the reading of my difficult research for a non-fiction book on mental illness and the church.  It brings me closer to my most authentic self -- it asks me "What can you do to make this moment better?  What have you been avoiding?  Why have you been avoiding it?  What can you do right now to make it better?"  I love Anti-Procrastination Day!

Today, Anti-Procrastination Day was celebrated with a thorough cleaning of my bathroom.  Sounds strange, but yes, it was my way of having a party! :)  I got it done, and by taking care of the nasty bathroom, I protected myself and my dog from yucky germs we didn't need to deal with.  Additionally, it helped me FLY (Finally Love Yourself) because I was taking care of the thing and making it so it wasn't a bad place to be!  And it took all of 15 minutes!!!

So, yes, Anti-Procrastination Day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Godzilla and Repentance: MOTHRA INTERVENES

“Now, G, you are not an evil monster!  You just get emotionally distraught and get ahead of yourself without really thinking of the consequences for you and others!  You were saying how you regret all the destruction. . .  Let’s find these little black-robed people you are so determined to bring here to talk about these things.  Let that be Step 1, ok?  I’ll go right now and get the fairies.  I’ll brief them on the flight to Tokyo and we will try our best to convince one to come with us to visit with you, my friend.”  Mothra wasn’t sure her speech was all that effective, as Godzilla seemed just as morose as he had when she had arrived.  “You know, G, you have a heart of gold, really.  You’re only destructive when people make the wrong choices for themselves and others and that just enrages you.  You want them to do better for themselves.  That’s not the mark of an evil monster.”
                At this point, she exited the cave home of the King of the Monsters, made sure she had enough clearance, and took off for Infant Island to retrieve her maidservants, the twin fairies who were sometimes called Cosmos.  The flight was not long from Monster Island, but for Mothra, who had much on her mind, it seemed to take only a moment.  She was greeted, as always, by a contingent of devoted well-wishers and worshippers.  This greeting hampered her in her haste and she regretted, not for the first time, that she was born a goddess of a long line of goddesses.
                “Hail, Mothra, Queen of the Skies!  Mother of Infant Island and all those who dwell in it!”  There was more such nonsense.  Mothra muttered something to herself about how ridiculous it was, after all, she could DIE and all of her ancestresses had done so with great aplomb, but not one of the little people seemed to recognize that this was not the mark of a goddess, but the mark of a mortal creature.  She was quite annoyed, mostly for the fact that all this rigamarole impeded her mission to acquire the fairies and get to the white onion-domed chapel in Tokyo where the black-gowned ones lived as soon as possible.
                The fairies, sensing her annoyance and need of their presence appeared by her side instantly and, after she’d checked her clearance, they were ascending into the sky above Infant Island before the improbable greetings had ended.  “Now, Cosmos, Godzilla is in dire need of a conversation with one of the black-robed creatures that doesn’t run away, but makes odd hand motions whenever he arrives.  Your work today is to convince one of these little people to join us willingly.  Godzilla is absolutely certain he needs to talk to the black-robed ones, not the other ones.  Will you do this for me?”
                “Of course, Mothra,” they said in unison, as they said everything.  “Mothra, is that strange white building with the funny tops on it our destination?”  And, indeed, it was the Cathedral of the Resurrection in Tokyo.  Mothra prepared to land, and had a great deal of difficulty because she did not wish to damage the domes with the wind from her wings, nor did she see any easy place to land. 
                Suddenly, Mothra’s confusion multiplied.  From below her by several feet came the cry, “BORIS!  Father Boris!  Come out here at once!  I do not believe my eyes!” 
To be continued. . . .

Moving to Texas for Psychiatric Service Dog Training!

Moving to Texas for Psychiatric Service Dog Training!

Monday, May 6, 2013


patterns swirl
around me

same thing happens
same thing happens
same thing happens

no way to stop the
swirling patterns
except to exit

the world they

Friday, April 26, 2013

Godzilla & Repentance: ENTER MOTHRA

Mothra, hearing her name called in the distance, perks up.  “What could Godzilla want at this hour?  The sun is setting and usually he’s taking his daily stroll just now.”  The benevolent supermonster flutters her wings in anticipation of what she might find.  “I’d best go see what’s up!”
     “I wonder what Godzilla is doing tonight?  Is there some delicious plan in the making?  He’s always a creative one, that monster.”  She makes a beeline to the well-appointed cave home of the King of the Monsters.
“Mothra! How are you, friend?” Godzilla says, relieved, and by way of preamble.  “I have a problem I need your unique help with. Do you have time to hear about it?”
Mothra acquiesces and gets to hear all about the possible kidnapping of one of the black-gowned little folk.  Alarmed and taken aback, she knows that Godzilla, being a monster of action, is likely to do something rash, and here it is, in all its glory.
“G, you need to rethink this plan.  It is not enough to just take the black-gowned little thing.  Many, many years ago, my ancestor tried that method to get the little people to cooperate with her plan to cleanse Infant Island.  The little people captured refused even to eat until they died!  She was horrified, as her point, as mine is, was to protect the island and its inhabitants from all comers, not to cause their destruction!  You really must find another way to get access to these mysterious, black-gowned humans.  Perhaps if we were to have my fairies talk with them about your invitation to Monster Island to discuss your concerns?  How would that be?”
 Godzilla sat back on his cushy, blue recliner, sent to him as a memorial gift for all his years of service to the Toho Company.  “Would they really just die, Mothra?  That’s a possibility?”
“Yes, G, it is.  Little people are very odd, they tend to assume that intentions are hostile until they are made to understand.  My fairies are good at communicating with them.  We will have them be your intermediaries with the black gowned people.  There is less likelihood of being misunderstood this way.  What do you think?”
“That is what I was hoping for.  Communication, not just me using brute force and being misunderstood again – I’d really like to be able to discuss these feelings of, I don’t know what to call it.  I keep having dreams of all the little people I’ve hurt or killed and their families being angry with me.  I just am not that monster anymore, but here I go talking about just taking a little black-gowned one without permission!  What am I, Mothra?  Am I truly an evil being?” 
     To be continued. . ..

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Godzilla and Repentance

Godzilla, Monster Island and all other Monster names are copyright to TOHO Company.  My little story is not for profit, except spiritually and psychologically maybe.

       Godzilla sat, morose, in his lounge chair by the fireplace.  The house was so cozy; but why wasn't he satisfied?  'Thinking too much again,' he thought to himself.  But thinking about what?  "OH MY GOODNESS!" he roared aloud.  
       Thinking about all the lives lost whenever he gets angry, and thinking that even if they are tiny specks, they are still living beings and deserve to live and have dignity and freedom.  'I want to talk to someone about this.  I need to make reparation in some way.  I know I'm no God, even though the little folk on those islands seem to think I am.  What to do?  They run every time I go to talk to them.  Some of them wear black gowns.  They don't run so much.  That kind is over in Tokyo, at that little white building with the cross on it.  I think they call it St Nicholas of Japan's shrine.   Maybe I can send Mothra over to talk to them for me.  Her fairies are good at communicating with the little folk.'  
        Plan formed, Godzilla resolutely stands up from his lounge chair, stretches, looks at the Chapel sized icon diptych on his side table.  He has no idea what to do with it, but it is a comfort to him anyway.  One side has St Nicholas of Japan, and the other has the Theotokos, Joy of Those Who Sorrow.  He bows to the icons reverently, but does not cross as he doesn't know he needs to.  Over to the open window wafting the fragrant breezes of Monster Island into his cozy little house.
      "MOTHRA!" he roars,  "MOOOOOOOTTTTTHHHHRRRAA!!  I need you!!!!"

to be continued.